Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card!

A new way to buy Bitcoin!

Exciting news for our users in the USA, EU and most other countries, we now partner with juibiter and support buying Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card. jubiter allows you to buy, spend, send and receive cryptocurrencies from anywhere. They support advanced fraud detection, have competitive rates and have dedicated staff. services. What about a Bitcoin Debit Card? Coming soon from jubiter, support for a Bitcoin Debit Cards! Stay Tuned! Use your…
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What wallet do I use?

When I want to trade in Bitcoin or Trade some Ethereum I use the Ledger Nano S for all of my cryptocurrency transactions. It is really secure and I sleep better at night knowing all of my Bitcoin and Ethereum are on a wallet in my small fire proof safe, not sitting on the internet where heaven forbid they get hacked and stolen. I connect my wallet when I need to trade and then I…
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Currency Hub LLC

A New Era – A New Company

We are excited to report that development of our cryptocurrency trading platform is well under way and we can’t wait to share it with the world! Our goal is to make a cryptocurrency platform that is simple to use, secure and for those who need it, informative and inviting, allowing you to trade in cryptocurrency anytime from (*almost) anywhere. Please keep an eye on our homepage and look for announcements regarding our launch in the…
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